Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safelist Email List Creating Email Campaigns

Safelist Email list are a great way to build your business with targeted people looking for your opportunity.  These email campaigns are set up for you to send out a email blast to however many of people you want.  Doing email advertising with safelist you need to understand that this type of advertising is like cross promoting.  You are not going to be able to get the same kind of opt in rate because of this cross promotion advertising.

Safelist email advertising is great if you are starting out and are on a tight budget.  Email with safelist is a free advertising strategy that you can set up and implement straight away.  This is something that you can do yourself sending out email blast and creating yourself your own traffic supply on demand.  You will never run out of prospects to get in front of as all the major safelist are growing their network on a daily basis.

You can still send solo emails with safelist but those usually cost extra credits. Again using this type of solo email advertising your still not going to get the opt in rate that if you did a solo email blast to an individuals email list.  Once you are able to build a lead base and generate some sales using safelist then then what I did what invest that money back into email list providing by niche related marketers.  By doing that you can go from a .5 opt in rate to around 40% plus if that particular marketer has been taking care of his list. 

  At I created an safelist advertising gig that teaches you a strategy to do that will yield you the best return for your time.  With this type of advertising you need to do it in bulk and that's what this gig teaches with email list and creating a email campaign using safelist as your email list.

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